Beginners and Novices

If you’ve never owned a firearm, or if it has been a long time since you’ve fired a firearm, we strongly recommend that you invest in some professional firearms training, prior to qualifying and obtaining your LTC. We want to let you know about an economic resource for this type of training.

Former Texas State Trooper and Certified LTC Instructor, David Hancock, provides economical and top-shelf introductory classes, geared toward brand new and novice shooters, and we can’t recommend him strongly enough!

Contact David Hancock at Accurate Firearms Training – to arrange your training ASAP.  There will be a reduced rate given to all those registered to take the firearms training class.

You will learn or review the fundamentals of handling a firearm with confidence (This is especially beneficial for Seniors.)

This class can help you determine which firearm is best for you. In a one-on-one instructional setting, you will learn correct technique and gain the knowledge and skills essential for handling a firearm safely.

One-on-One instruction
Taught exclusively on the firing range
Safety First and Foremost
Handgun Fundamentals
Handgun Usage and Storage
Grip, Stance, Trigger Pull, Sight Adjustment
Actual Loading and Unloading

This course is not a prerequisite for the Classroom portion, but it is highly recommended prior to taking the LTC Shooting Proficiency Test. This will be very beneficial if you are NOT familiar with the usage of a handgun.  If you take advantage of this class before the FREE LTC Class, you will qualify for the LTC Shooting Proficiency Test.

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